Simple Ways To Improve Your Fitness

Contrary to popular belief, fitness isn’t just honed by lifting in the gym or by pounding pavement through running. It is influenced by our entire lifestyle. The little things that we do every day contribute to our overall wellbeing. Here are some simple ways in which you can improve your fitness:

Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevators

When you get to your office, consider taking the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator doors to open. Every building will have its own staircase which you can use in emergency situations and in everyday travel. This way, you won’t have to join the mass of open trying to squeeze themselves inside the lift. You can always take a break if you get tired. Get in early so you can do this at a leisurely pace and not be forced to climb fast. If your office is in a skyscraper, then you can take the elevator until midway and proceed through the stairs.

Park Your Car Further from the Office

Another thing that you can do is to park your car just a little bit further from the office so that you can walk the rest of the way. If you are looking for a parking space, don’t hesitate to get the first open spot you see instead of going around and around in circles for a prime spot near the entrance. Don’t think of it as an inconvenience but rather a chance to squeeze just a little bit more exercise into your day. They say that you need about 10,000 steps throughout a day and this trick may add a few hundreds to your total.

Consider Cycling to Work

If you are really serious about this, then you might even consider taking a bike to work instead of a car. That’s assuming that you know how to ride, the weather allows it, and have streets that are friendly for this purpose. Cycling isn’t all that taxing, at least when compared to running, so you should be able to get to work fairly fresh. You could also take a shower when you arrive if there are facilities for it. Bring extra clothes in your bag.

Play with Your Kids

Finally, indulge your kids when you’re at home. Let them play if they have already finished their school work and join in the fun if they ask you to. Anyone with kids will tell you that they are bursting with energy and hard to keep up with. It might not be exercise exactly but it will sure feel like it.